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I am a creative entrepreneur, multiperspective and entrepreneurial researcher, holistic life coach, storyteller and poet with passion. I have several years of practical and research experience in the fields of communication, entrepreneurship, project and arts management, in coaching creative and highly sensitive people (HSP) and in personality and potential development. My strong intuition and exceptional empathy, a high sensitivity for situations and interdisciplinary approaches as well as distinctive management and communication skills empower me to approach various topics and problems in a professional, innovative and sometimes somewhat unconventional way. I love to build bridges between people, businesses and cultures. Developing creative ideas and accompanying innovative projects from the original idea to realization fills me with deep joy. Likewise I enjoy motivating, encouraging and challenging people to become the best version of themselves.

At the ZHAW Zurich University of Applied Sciences I work as a researcher, lecturer, consultant, coach and trainer in the areas of Organizational Communication and Entrepreneurship, Entrepreneurial Storytelling, Discourse and Design, Start-up and Business Modeling. As an entrepreneur I build bridges with my creative venture INNOVANTIQUA and develop holistic paths to success with my integral business brückenwege – all this for and together with people and companies that want to break new ground.

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Warm wishes

Birgitta Borghoff, MA/MAS ZFH

Bridgebuilder Ÿ
Multiperspective and Entrepreneurial Researcher
Creative Entrepreneur
Holistic Life Coach
Storyteller and Poet



Exploring holistic perspectives for and together with people and organizations that want to break new ground.


In my blog I share thoughts, poetry, healing impulses, stories, essays or texts about my multiperspective, i.e. spiritual and scientific research work. I share what moves me and reflect on soul matters (Soul Art), on coaching and consulting (Creative Flow) as well as on entrepreneurial thinking, feeling and acting (Entrepreneurial Spirit).


Member of the Board of Trustees Sulzberg Foundation. The foundation is responsible for the acquisition, preservation and operation of the property Museumstrasse 60 with the Villa Sträuli with its garden and courtyard, as well as some other properties. The Foundation promotes charitable endeavours and cultural activities in all artistic fields, but especially in the field of music and movement.


Research & development, teaching, consulting, coaching and training in the research and practice field of Organizational Communication at the ZHAW Zurich University of Applied Sciences.


Research & development, consulting, creative impulses in the field of Entrepreneurial Storytelling.


Mediation between arts and culture, education, economy and society.